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Friday October 28, 2011 15:44

Solo (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Almost atom bomb (!) present an interesting dilemma – should we cringe on the lyrics or the overtly familiar tune and musical pieces? Marumallelle la is predictable too, but has a lovely lilt that’s unique to Mani Sharma! Haricharan’s Na prema kathaku has intriguingly catchy pathos, while Singapore (!) is pathetic item material. Puduthune solo […]

Saturday March 26, 2011 16:51

Teenmaar (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma appropriates the already delightful Chor bazari from the original to create an equally likeable Aale bale! Karunya’s Vayyarala has an intentionally packaged, nice old-worldly charm to it. Chiguru boniya and Barbi bommaki are standard Mani fare; booming, lively orchestration with the tunes going nowhere. Sri Ganga is interesting – mixes the devotional, and […]

Monday February 28, 2011 15:09

Shakti (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Thaliya thaliya offers the perfect platform for NTR Jr to showcase yet another song with moving-the-shirt-collar-up-and-down dance movement, while Prema desam is just functional regurgitated Mani Sharma melody. Mathileka pichiga fares slightly better – assembly-line Andhra-style ‘cowboy’ music. Between the 2 chants, Mahishasura Mardhini‘s ambient remix works superbly, compared to the filmy and rasping Maha […]

Hello Everybody opens with music strangely similar to Band Baaja Baaraat’s Tarkeebein, but goes on to become a standard, catchy hero-intro song. Padha padha goes massy, and even its hook is stale; much like the pointlessly recycled Sadaymiya. Olla has minimal, interesting techno arrangements, but the tune is awful. Nathone nuvvu forced pathos sounds more […]

Wednesday December 8, 2010 16:15

Singam Puli (Music review), Tamil – Mani Sharma

Figaru rehashes Okkadu’s Hare rama and it continues to work well, barring cringe-worthy lyrics. Post that, having lost track of all of Mani Sharma’s rehashes, the ones that stand out are Kangalal – a spiffy melody handled in true Mani style and Poove poove, a Rahul Nambiar solo that, again, is perfectly in sync with […]

Jai jai ram is almost like a cut and paste job from numerous other Mani Sharma songs and results in a dated song; Vijay Yesudas is the only saving grace. Yemi debbaro is similar and in a sense, even worse; with a familiar hook like that, what else do you expect? Naatu kodi koora is […]

Sada siva starts the soundtrack nicely – a simple, hummable tune backed by ambient, world music’ish backgrounds. Ranjith aces Taxi, an underground’ish track with groovy sounds, while Sunday Monday‘s highlight is the retro touch added occasionally; the tune is definitely not. That applies to Makathika and Bhoom shakana too – work solely for their orchestration […]

Tappatloi seems straight out of Keeravani’s repertoire, and its catchy tune does help. Mauname chebutendi sounds like a nice, retro melody, but it is quite bland for comfort, while Yelelo is a strange mishmash, heading nowhere. Manisharma gets back to his forte in Nee navvey; simple, pleasant rhythms, but very unlike K Vishwanath’s style! Bailele […]

Monday March 29, 2010 21:06

Music review: Sura (Tamil – Manisharma)

Naan nadanthal works only because of its appealing, stylish rhythms even though the lyrics are beyond mundane. Siragadikkum nilavu is archaic Manisharma material, with rudimentary catchiness, while Thamizhan veera thamizhan is loud, pointless and silly. The composer reuses his Telugu Billa chartbuster, Bommayi ,as Thanjavoor jillaakaari; Hemachandra repeats his role and infuses life into the […]

Both the versions of the title song are surprisingly good – the chirpy retro version in particular has the right dose of spoofy fun and is sung delightfully by Mukesh and Priya Subramnaian! The other track that stands out is the Senthamizh Thenmozhiyaal-inspired Unnai nenaicha – catchy combo of mod-retro styles with groovy singing by […]

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