Friday October 28, 2011

Solo (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Posted by Karthik

Almost atom bomb (!) present an interesting dilemma – should we cringe on the lyrics or the overtly familiar tune and musical pieces? Marumallelle la is predictable too, but has a lovely lilt that’s unique to Mani Sharma! Haricharan’s Na prema kathaku has intriguingly catchy pathos, while Singapore (!) is pathetic item material. Puduthune solo and Ammamamammo are tracks where Mani really shines! The former is a pleasantly arranged solo (!) by Karunya while the latter, with generous smattering of Reetigowlai, is superb. How can anything with Reetigowlai not be superb, anyway? Standard stuff from Mani with usual, occasional brilliance.

Keywords: Nara Rohit, Mani Sharma, Manisharma, Solo Telugu music



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