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Shravan opens the soundtrack with a pulsating Thirugude that does away with the conventional pallavi–anupallavi and has just one long phrase repeated twice, followed by the repetitive Thirugude hook. He also layers an extra punch in the rhythm for the hook and that makes it so much more interesting. In the other song that Shravan […]

Wednesday October 3, 2018 09:22

NOTA (Music review), Telugu – Sam C.S

Yeththara Yeththara, with its adequately pumping music, works perfectly as a song featuring multiple shots! Yazin Nizar’s lead vocals and Swagatha S. Krishnan who joins later, keep the song consistently interesting. Nithyasree Mahadevan’s phenomenal singing lifts the Middle Eastern sound of Raja Raja Kula even as Abhay Jodhpurkar’s hook gets an anthemic treatment. Of the […]

Inkem Inkem is sheer magic! The combination of Sid Sriram’s incredible singing and the Neelambari raaga-based melody works wonders, while Sumesh Parameswar’s minimal guitar background props it beautifully. Sid gets almost as good a tune in Vachindamma! The jaunty folk rhythm and nadaswaram layer are lovely. In Yenti Yenti, Chinmayi gets a delightful tune that […]

Kalyanam Vaibhogam seems perfect for veteran S.P.Balasubrahmanyam; Mickey layers his familiar world-music’ish sounds to the prayer-like melody. Ekkada Nuvvunte (sung by Dhanunjay), Modalaudaam (Sunitha Upadrashta and Anurag Kulkarni) and Ithadena (Shreya Ghoshal), all have really appealing lilt in their rhythm and work effortlessly. Something Something Ga‘s swinging twist is instantly catchy, though the Punjabi mix, […]

Swagatham Suswagatham is quite an unusual opening to the soundtrack! Cisco Chi sounds like Apache Indian 2.0 and the music too mixes a host of genres, sounding both curious and interesting! Aagi Aagi is trademark Vivek, with a breezy, guitar-led sound, and a melody that is easy-on-the-ear. Anurag Kulkarni holds fort till the anupallavi when […]

Oohalu Oorege Gaalanthaa is every bit of a Vivek Sagar song, and that’s something, given the young composer’s relatively limited repertoire. The gentle jazzy feel is something Vivek does so well. Plus, he has Haricharan’s spellbinding singing (along with Keerthana) to go with it. The other song featuring Haricharan is top notch as well – […]

Seema Weightu extends Veera Thurandhara, with a similar Ilayarajaesque swag, but adding some Mumbaiya mix too, along with Dopeadelicz and Arunraja Kamaraj’s rap. Katravai Patravai is the soul-twin of Neruppu Da, Keba’s electric guitar replacing Jhanu Chantar’s. Instead of Neruppa Da’s searing appeal, when Yogi B roars, “Unnayum maNNayum vendru vaa Thee (Thee)raatha or thevaiyai […]

Oh Priya‘s minimal pallavi is interesting, consisting of ‘Oh Priya Na Priya’ and ‘Mehbooba’; the rest of the song too has a slow, somber appeal. Naa pranam‘s sweeping melody is Varijashree’s show; she’s fantastic with her involved vocals. Ambika Jois beautifully handles the catchy Saiyaan, with fantastic guitar work in the anupallavi and smoothly blends […]

Saturday January 20, 2018 19:23

Tholi Prema (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Raghu Dixit’s Break The Rules is an uptempo song with a neat ‘Mohana murali’ semi-classical interlude. Sunona Sunaina has a funky, likeable bounce and Rahul Nambiar’s singing makes it better. Thaman’s familiar backgrounds return in Allasani vaari, though Shreya’s vocals and Kamalakar’s flute make a significant difference. Kala Bhairava’s title song has a searing pathos […]

Wednesday December 20, 2017 19:11

Agnyaathavaasi (Music review), Telugu – Anirudh

Dhaga dhaga maney, with its searing guitar backdrop (Prasanna, Rex Vijayan and Keba Jeremiah) and Anirudh’s vocal-cord busting singing is a pulsating listen! The classical guitar interludes and Anirudh’s work on the keyboard, in particular, significantly amps up the song. Baitikochi chuste is playful Anirudh at his best! The song is breezy and highly engaging, […]

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