Tuesday March 16, 2010

Music review: Maanja Velu (Tamil – Manisharma)

Posted by Karthik

Both the versions of the title song are surprisingly good – the chirpy retro version in particular has the right dose of spoofy fun and is sung delightfully by Mukesh and Priya Subramnaian! The other track that stands out is the Senthamizh Thenmozhiyaal-inspired Unnai nenaicha – catchy combo of mod-retro styles with groovy singing by Rahul Nambiar. Sadly, that’s where the interesting stuff stops – Munneru is noisily mundane; Oh my dear is standard Manisharma techno stuff and Ooril ulla is templatized melody on relationships. But, getting 3 decent tracks in a masala potboiler soundtrack is a huge win indeed!

Keywords: Arun Vijay, Dhansika, Karthik, Manisharma, Mani Sharma



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