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Thursday October 1, 2009 21:46

Music review: Ek Niranjan (Telugu – Manisharma)

The languorous style of the title song is appealing, thanks to Ranjith’s superbly casual rendition. Hemachandra and Geetha Madhuri’s Gundello is typical Manisharma material – a tuneful and catchy, massy track that hooks instantly, partly due to that Entharo mahanu bhavulu connection. If Sameera works at some vague level, it’s only because of Karthik’s vocals, […]

Appa amma vilayattu is at best a Srikanth Deva track, something the massively-built composer conjures up while sleeping, totally detached. And Hey vetri vela only asserts that belief – a typical Perarasu’esque Srikanth Deva number!! Hey rosu rosu is no better, Manisharma digging into his Telugu-styled masala repertoire, while the composer uses his actually impressive […]

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