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Thursday November 23, 2017 18:38

Balakrishnudu (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Entha varalaina is dated in every way; even Revanth sounds unusually bad! Thariraa thariraa‘s rather generic Latino tune is made tolerable thanks to Ramya Behara infectitious energy in the vocals. The song’s other version, by Rashi Khanna, pales in comparison. Ramya pulls off the same thing with the mighty generic Andhra kuthu Ardharathri sureedu effortlessly. […]

Columbus, despite the mindlessly silly lyrics, keeps the catchy outlook intact all through, with Narendra and Chaitra leading the vocals perfectly. Mani Sharma’s sense of instrumentation—an exotic mix, moreso in the interludes—makes it particularly likeable. Sanasannagaa is that typical Mani Sharma melody that starts with a whispery opener and soars alongside electric guitar at places, […]

Mani Sharma nails the bass and catchy tune of Paapi kondallo while his interludes offer a smattering of the Ilayaraja goodness. Meghale thele naalona has Vamsy’s finger-print in terms of the bizarre additions, though the main tune is a lovely listen too. Ravi Varma chitrama sounds just like Sagar Mahathi’s music – exotic musical layers […]

Mani Sharma offers a lovely jazz package in Chali chali! The tune is breezy, and Mani’s singers—Haricharan, Padmalatha and Malavika—do a fantastic job! In Gusa gusa lade, the whispery tune is brilliantly pop’ish, even as it segues into that catchy hook, and the interludes include sitar and harmonium! Both versions, featuring Karthik and Pranavi, and […]

Maayakkaara manmadha is familiar material from Mani Sharma; his usual well-crafted melody and this one seems to border Madhyamavathy raaga too, to good effect. Its remix is a pulsating listen too. Suchitra’s funky vocals is the only thing that stands out in My name is Chandrika, while Thada thada too is absolutely outdated in every […]

Saturday April 18, 2015 19:23

Lion (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani does what he knows best in One And Only Lion – true-blue Telugu masala track that’s meant for a hero and two ladies prancing around him. Pilla, even more so – the kind of song and dance you’d indulge in, after biting into smoking hot gongura. Aisa ambani pilla‘s playful tone is a good […]

Monday February 17, 2014 21:16

Basanti (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Srikrishna, Karunya, Hemachandra and Sahithi are in fantastic form in the lively Thirugubaatidhi that builds its momentum slowly but steadily. Paaripothunna is a throwback to the older style of melody – well handled by Pawan’s soft vocals. Pratheekshanam, in comparison, is the more modern ambient melody that Mani is known for – he infuses a […]

Arare pasi manasa concocts a Nayagan-style Nila Adhu with accordion and guitar, while Sye andre naanu seems too techno for the kind of street-smart feel it attempts, though Shreya’s vocals are flawless. SPB’s epic title song is an expansive, musical story-telling by Mani Sharma! Spicy spicy girl‘s passable bounce is vintage Mani, as much as […]

The Darbaari Kaanada’ish Extra Ordinary is funny and funky… and superbly sung by Hemachandra. Melikalu sees Mani at his standard commercial self – mixes multiple genres and every line sounds like the hook! Joramochindi too is template all the way – catchy, retro-style tune served remix-style with faux folk sound. Pillai choosthey is the kind […]

Monday March 12, 2012 16:51

Racha (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Mani Sharma skilfully tones down the Bappi’ness of Gang Leader’s Vaana vaana in its remix, and maintains a nice blend of Bollywood and Telugu sound. Dillaku dillaku and Oka paadam are shockingly similar to Harris Jayaraj’s material – the former owes it to Anniyan’s Randakka, while the latter, despite the harmonica similarity, holds a lot […]

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