Monday June 28, 2010

Subhapradam (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Posted by Karthik

Tappatloi seems straight out of Keeravani’s repertoire, and its catchy tune does help. Mauname chebutendi sounds like a nice, retro melody, but it is quite bland for comfort, while Yelelo is a strange mishmash, heading nowhere. Manisharma gets back to his forte in Nee navvey; simple, pleasant rhythms, but very unlike K Vishwanath’s style! Bailele bailele has its folk ambitions intact, but has a jaded tune. Orimi chalama’s grand ambitions never materialize, while Ambaparaku treats a classical tune with the respect it deserves; nothing more. Barely functional soundtrack that begs the question – Vishwanath gaaru, why not Ilayaraja? Or even Keeravani?

Keywords: Allari Naresh, Manjari, Manisharma, K Vishwanath



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