Music review: Housefull (Telugu – Anoop Rubens)

The composer confidently croons the lounge’ish, hep track, Yeh kaali kaali and even adorns it with some pretty cool orchestration while he seems equally comfortable in the pleasant duet, Emaiuntundi, with Sahithi. Bhargavi sounds uncomfortable and almost like a constipated version of Sandeep Chowta’s favorite, Anushka, in the retro-styled Gicchi gicchi. The retro feel continues well into the reasonably groovy Jham jham by Ramki even as the theme gets hyper-inventive by mixing classic Telugu music interludes with ultra-modern techno stuff. Composer Anoop Rubens seems to be gradually getting his groove – the first two tracks in Housefull are proof enough.

Keywords: Housefull, Telugu, Anup Rubens, Gowri Pandit, Vipin, Vega, Arya