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Rajan’s child-like Tamil diction in Ennamo pannura helps the hip-hop sound, besides that kuthu mid-portion and a surprisingly good violin phrase towards the end. The rearranged version by Charle Bosco drops the Tamil pretensions altogether. Bobo Shashi sounds shockingly like Yuvan Shankar Raja in Orunaal, and along with Veena Ghantasala, the soft tune too sounds […]

Aethu kari raavilum is incredibly pleasant, thanks to its Hindustani base and a thoroughly engaging melody. Ente kannil is gorgeous, with Nazriya springing a pleasant surprise carrying the guitar-led tune confidently. That feeling does change when one hears that the tune is lifted off Carla Bruni’s Quelqu’un m’a dit, though. Siddharth Menon is very good […]

Saridhaana has so much going for it – an instantly likeable tune, hyper-excited scatting, fantastic vocals by Yazin Nizar and Thomson Andrews, the tantalizing reduction in sound before the first interlude after which the guitars and nadaswaram perform magic, and intriguing lyrics by Karky with existential questioning on the friend’s lady love… amazing expereince! Edhedho […]

The title song has fantastic chorus, overlaid on a groovy techno-kuthu sound. Santhosh’s delightful choice of instruments comes to the fore in Kakidha kappal, expertly handled by Gana Bala. Bala’s other song, Irandhidava, the retro-parody is less impactful, in comparison. Aagaayam theepidicha is Pradeep’s show, with his evocative singing, but Santhosh packs a significant punch […]

Bodhayil pathai starts off predictably replacing a standard-issue Gana Bala with Anthony Dasan, but takes a curiously interesting psychedelic rock turn mid-way, complete with a surreal sitar piece! Usha Uthup’s Neram is at best background music material. The Sarabham theme too ends up on these lines, despite a lot of grandstanding by Rabbit Mac and […]

The debutant composer sounds oddly nasal but in sync for the breezy and unstructured Kaathu mazha, punctuated by lovely strings. Vaazhkai oru is rhythmic and catchy, no doubt aided by rhyming lyrics by Palani Bharathi. Karthik handles the soft pathos in Eno pirivugal in his usual style; the tune is engaging with Dhanvi scoring well […]

Of the three songs by Sharib-Toshi, ironically, the only song that works is their recreation of Jawad Ahmed’s original, Samjhawan that is spruced up well, with engaging vocals by Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. The other two, Saturday (another recreation, original belonging to The Titans and Badshah) and Emotional fool are regulation style dance tracks. […]

More than that unique guitar, Ab main‘s brass section adds great value to Raghu Dixit’s utilitarian tune. His other song, Waakeyi, is a lovely, feathery ode to love. Vir Das bawls through Warren Mendonsa and Sid Coutto-composed Pyaar hai kutti cheez, while Shivi Kashyap composes and sings the catchy techno tune of Aisi hi hoon […]

Arko Pravo Mukherjee’s recreation of Laxmikant Pyarelal’s Dayavaan number, Aaj phir tumpe is pretty good, though much credit is due to the original’s tune, besides Arijit and Samira Koppikar’s vocals. There is a remix of this remix too, funnily, in the soundtrack! Kabhi aayine, by Rashid Khan, is typical Mohit Suri musical formula; limited impact. […]

Faintly evoking a combination of Ghibran’s limited earlier songs, Bujjimma is instantly familiar, but in Gold Devaraj’s vocals, it is also a catchy listen. The arrangements, starting with a lone thavil, traverses through the usual Ghibran complexity, including a hint of 8-bit sounds that he used earlier in Naiyyandi. Coma coma is loaded with techno […]

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