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Nooru Vattam‘s pleasant melody is a subtle doff-the-hat to songs like Another Day In Paradise. Sinov Raj’s emotive vocals add to its charm. Kanne Kanne is gorgeous! Niranj Suresh’s singing and the fantastic chorus deserve mention. In Pulari Mazhakal, Mujeeb allows a mellow conversation between Shaktisree Gopalan and Balu Thankachan that’s thoroughly endearing, while the […]

Revaa’s Melle Mulle is delightfully folk’ish and spritely, with an ensemble to handle the joyous vocals. Her Chase Theme too is captivating, turning kuthu in style. Sujesh and Sunadh Sankar’s Ariyathe is straight off the Bhatt-brigade style, but the folk percussion and flute mid-way punctuate the song confidently. Azim Roshan’s Azikumbol is Vaikom Vijayalekshmi show, […]

Sushin sings Varum‘s ethereal melody with the requisite calm, while Munna’s hang drum adds to the serenity. Ee Raavil takes on a similar sound; Nezer Ahamed—Varum’s guitarist—sings this one! That exotic instrumental interlude is haunting! Kaadhale‘s soundscape is incredible! Sruthy Sasidharan’s vocals accentuate the sound, while the backing vocals’ repeated chorus is delightful! In Aparaada […]

Azhake is classic Stephen-style soaring and serene melody. Mohanlal, despite the occasional quiver in his voice, does mighty well, while Shreya is wonderful, as always. Kannane extends Mohanlal’s current trend of having a highly-rhythmic very-Malayalee folk song – it checks all boxes admirably. Stephen produces a flamboyant package in Neeralippidutham, a cool Bond-style number, handled […]

Mazha‘s melody is wonderfully dreamy, worth soaking in, with the sound carried from the composer’s earlier combo with Sachin. Haricharan and Roshni Suresh pull it off brilliantly. Kaana chembaka poo, sung by Vijay Yesudas, is a tad too simplistic, but it also has an easily likeable rhythm that keeps it engaging. Tharam, interestingly, attempts a […]

Sunday January 7, 2018 18:51

Kaly (Music review), Malayalam – Rahul Raj

The title song (Chunk chakkare) is authentically and minimally Kerala-folk style and stays true almost all through, with a foot-tapping rhythm. Kinnam katta kallan is strictly middling, but what is truly bizarre is that it references that thoroughly embarrassing and atrocious Baggy jeansum song from Sainyam (with S.P.Venkatesh’s music) in its first interlude! The short […]

Trissur song, with its flashy brass sound, seems intentionally corny. Sannidanandan handles the racy sound well. Innale innale, sung by Niranj Suresh, is so very Gopi! A low-key, guitar-driven melody that meanders with unhurried pleasantness and evoking the composer’s Telugu repertoire. Niranj is behind Kaate poora kaate as well, a song that sets the Diwanji […]

Wednesday December 27, 2017 18:58

Mayaanadhi (Music review), Malayalam – Rex Vijayan

Rex Vijayan and Neha S Nair’s vocals effortlessly sweep through the pleasant synth riff in Uyirin nadhiye, while Arun Suradhaa’s Dilruba sneaks in beautifully in the interlude. Neha, in particular, in her portions, is extraordinary, breathing life into an intimate, almost conversational verse. Rex goes completely Indian in Mizhiyil. It’s almost Rahman’ish when Neha’s humming […]

Wednesday December 20, 2017 18:10

Vimaanam (Music review), Malayalam – Gopi Sundar

Vaaniluyare has everything one expects from Gopi – pleasant melody and his trademark strings, but somehow, it all sounds too familiar. The song’s other expression, Anthimaanam, by Nandini Srikar is the soundtrack’s best, with a somber, soaring melody and excellent guitar by Sumesh Parameswar. Anthike varikente‘s serene carnatic base is a beautiful setting for the […]

Thursday December 14, 2017 18:58

Masterpiece (Music review), Malayalam – Deepak Dev

Madhu mozhi is what you call Madhu Balakrishnan for. A semi-classical medley that wants to do too many things, in too short a time and ends up being merely passable. Poradi poradi nee is Deepak Dev’s Jimikki kammal equivalent, if you see Masterpiece as Mammootty’s equivalent of Mohanlal’s Velipadinte Pusthakam, both playing college professors. Jassie […]

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