Sunday June 15, 2014

Run Raja Run (Music review), Telugu – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Faintly evoking a combination of Ghibran’s limited earlier songs, Bujjimma is instantly familiar, but in Gold Devaraj’s vocals, it is also a catchy listen. The arrangements, starting with a lone thavil, traverses through the usual Ghibran complexity, including a hint of 8-bit sounds that he used earlier in Naiyyandi. Coma coma is loaded with techno and other assorted sounds, but ends up like a passable Bollywood item song as far as the entire package is concerned. Thomas Andrews’ swaggering vocals rule Rajadhi rajanappa, even as Ghibran puts together an intriguingly modern version of the ever endearing Chaplinesque sound. Shanti om shanti‘s techno-melody is beautifully handled by Ghibran even in the limited framework incorporating even veena, with Clinton Cerejo and Maya Iyer doing a great job in the vocals. The soundtrack’s best is Vadhantune nenu vadhantune, a haunting melody that takes on highly interesting turns and is sung wonderfully by the dependable Chinmayi, even negotiating a stylish ‘I’m in love’ phrase mid-way along with a complex humming in the background, while Ghibran cranks up the arrangement progressively to scintillating effect! Ghibran’s trademark style is intact here, but that’s also starting to seem like what is pulling the album down at times.

PS: I had a tough time assigning a 200 for this one. The overall familiarity of the sound, while being very good, is a worrying trend in Ghibran’s repertoire so early, but this being the first soundtrack with those signs, I’d perhaps be more stern if it repeats again. For now, I’d brush it aside as, ‘He has been Telugufied’ 🙂

Keywords: Run Raja Run, Ghibran, 200, #200



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