Sunday June 29, 2014

Vaaliba Raja (Music review), Tamil – Radhan

Posted by Karthik

Rajan’s child-like Tamil diction in Ennamo pannura helps the hip-hop sound, besides that kuthu mid-portion and a surprisingly good violin phrase towards the end. The rearranged version by Charle Bosco drops the Tamil pretensions altogether. Bobo Shashi sounds shockingly like Yuvan Shankar Raja in Orunaal, and along with Veena Ghantasala, the soft tune too sounds like Yuvan’s! Mukesh delivers Vaa madhivadahana in his usual style, but Blaaze’s rap kills it consistently. Gana Bala’s Nadukadulula is plain embarassing, like a Deva song from his heydays, but sounding merely awkward now. Radhan’s second soundtrack belies the potential he showcased in Andala Rakshasi!

Keywords: Vaaliba Raja, Radhan



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