Thursday June 19, 2014

Amit Sahni Ki List (Music review), Hindi – Assorted composers

Posted by Karthik

More than that unique guitar, Ab main‘s brass section adds great value to Raghu Dixit’s utilitarian tune. His other song, Waakeyi, is a lovely, feathery ode to love. Vir Das bawls through Warren Mendonsa and Sid Coutto-composed Pyaar hai kutti cheez, while Shivi Kashyap composes and sings the catchy techno tune of Aisi hi hoon confidently. Palaash Mucchal’s What The Fark is generic dance-floor material, while Parchhai and Sargoshi play on the same tune, with Sonu’s former version sounding better. Karthick Iyer’s violin and sitar-induced Violin Recital offers lovely, Buddha Bar’ish closure to the soundtrack. Functional list for Amit Sahni.

Keywords: Amit Sahni Ki List, Raghu Dixit, Warren Mendonsa, Sid Coutto, Palash Mucchal, Shivi. R Kashyap, Karthick Iyer



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