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Night is still young is droning and monotonous – some combination, that! Crazy feeling uses its repetitive structure to its advantage; that it has a rhythmic sound helps. Masti masti has masti written all over its ebullient tune, and Devi’s background is almost Raja’ish! Sagar brings in an Altaf Raja’ish affectation to the title song, […]

Bang bang Bangkok seems like a tune that composed itself, after getting instructions from a child – it is adequately annoying. Love cheyyala is not very different, but its monotonously foot-tapping tune stays… somehow! Sagar seems very confident to announce Baby U gonna miss me, but with that pointless techno tune, that seems fairly unlikely. […]

Thursday September 17, 2015 18:25

Shivam (Music review), Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad

The title song is pulsating enough, thanks mostly to Karthik’s earnest rendition. Ditto with Prema ane picchi, where singer Narendra makes a huge difference with his fantastic, cool vocals, backed well by Devi with a punchy rhythm. And despite the familiar sound, Devi’s rhythm in I Love You Too is mighty catchy too, supported by […]

Devi Sri Prasad faithfully recreates his Telugu hit for Daddy Mummy, with the Tamil version’s lyrics. It remains absurdly catchy. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Aankhon aankhon is right up there with Daddy Mummy for its thumpy catchiness and marginally better lyrics. Arko’s recreation of Sajid-Wajid’s original for Sonu Nigam’s Deewana, Iss qadar pyar works easily […]

In Yaendi yaendi, Devi Sri Prasad hands Vijay and Shruti a lilting melody that has his stock tune written all over it; it works, for its charming simplicity. Jingiliya cleverly upgrades the age-old tribal song sound into a more pulsating, catchy variant. Sottavaala stretches the familiarity a bit too much, with a staid template and […]

Sooraj Santhosh sings his heart out in Rama rama, packaged in Devi’s usual bombastic, catchy rhythms, ably supported by Ranina Reddy. Sagar and Simha, in contrast, don’t seem as effective in propping Jatha kalise or Dhimmathirigae‘s already tiresome tunes. But Devi dials up the bombast for Jaago, with his current Baba Sehgal-replacement, Raghu Dixit. It […]

A hook + guitar phrase is all you get in One & Two & Three – very Devi’ish old hat. Seethakaalam and Jaaruko too are standard-issue Devi tunes that drone on. Super machi‘s Tamil prelude morphs into techno-style Andhra folk with long, engaging phrases. Come to the party works thanks to Vijay Prakash’s ebullience and […]

The title song is every bit what one would expect in a hero-worshipping jingoistic title song, almost sounding like a hymn! Vijay Yesudas and Chitra‚Äôs vocals make a big difference to the otherwise predictable melody of Nee kanji choopullo, while MM Mansi goes through the motions to deliver the Hamsadhwani in Om sarvanv. The two […]

Thursday February 6, 2014 20:50

Bramman (Music review), Tamil – Devi Sri Prasad

Vodu vodu, barring Chinnaponnu’s hyper enthusiastic vocals, is stock Devi-style bombastic stuff. But the composer knows what works and how, as is evident in Penne nee illamal, with the right placement of hooks and apt use of his well-known sense of rhythm. The latter is accentuated in Vaanathila nilavu and Vaada vaada nanba, where the […]

Of Sajid Wajid’s three songs, Baaki sab and Photocopy are unbearably banal, but Tere naina, that sounds like the love child of Bullet Raja’s Saamne hai and Dabangg’s Tere mast mast, is a neat listen! Amal Malik’s Tumko to aana hi tha is sappy and cheesy; the House mix (Love you till the end), even […]

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