S/O Satyamurthy (Music review), Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad

A hook + guitar phrase is all you get in One & Two & Three – very Devi’ish old hat. Seethakaalam and Jaaruko too are standard-issue Devi tunes that drone on. Super machi‘s Tamil prelude morphs into techno-style Andhra folk with long, engaging phrases. Come to the party works thanks to Vijay Prakash’s ebullience and the flamboyant horns. Javed Ali breathes some attitude into Vacchadu, while the soundtrack’s best is the foot-tapping Chal chalo, where Devi ditches Baba Sehgal and opts for Raghu Dixit. It’s time Devi Sri Prasad’s name is added under the Thesaurus page for the word ‘repetitive’.

Keywords: Devi Sri Prasad, S/O Satyamurthy