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Monday December 11, 2017 19:03

MCA (Music review), Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad

The title song is the kind that writes and composes itself with DSP around, and still manages to entertain. In Kothaga, DSP continues to use his signature technique – repeating a tune in an instrumental version immediately after it is sung. Fun song, this! Family Party uses a watered down version of Partner’s Soni de […]

Divya Kumar earnestly renders Raavana, an adequately pounding hero-intro song with nothing more. Jaspreet Jasz and Ranina Reddy’s vocals and DSP playing the electric guitar in Tring tring infuse some life into the otherwise severely templatized package that has the composer’s signature written all over it. Hemachandra is the sole savior of Nee kallalona that […]

Andhamaina seethakoka is an interesting idea – a short song that Sooraj Santhosh starts off, only to let DSP complete the rest with punchy rock music! Let’s party all night is aptly frivolous, repetitive and catchy. Rangu rangu heads in that direction too, but the composer cleverly plays the anupallavi differently, with a nice folksy […]

From Keba’s racy electric guitar, DSP moves to a corny cornucopia of Ganesh chanting and folk rhythm in DJ, a background’ish mish-mash. Gudilo badilo is heady masala mix! Incredibly catchy, fabulously sung by MLR Karthikeyan and Chitra, with clever touches by DSP, with interludes featuring Kalyan’s konnakol and Saroja’s dilruba. In Mechuko, Nakash Aziz tries […]

The title song is familiar, no doubt, but has a joyous outlook that is thoroughly enjoyable! Ranjith and Gopika Poornima’s singing and the buoyant strings by Chennai Strings Orchestra add to the charm. Incredibly familiar rhythm in Nee vente nenunte, but Kapil’s vocals and the engaging tune win. Bhramaramba, with a repetitive, rhythmic sound gets […]

Next enti is DSP trademark – punchy rhythm and repetitively corny fillers. Arere yekkade is a lovely surprise from DSP! Delightful melody set to an engaging rhythm with beautiful snatches of violin and flute, sung fabulously by Naresh Iyer and Manisha Eerabhathini! Disturb chestha ninnu too is a pleasant surprise! Superbly funky bass and a […]

Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu has a lazy rhythm and a joke of a tune that seems only to exist to fit the hook. Ratthalu is equally bad, loading absurd rhyming words on a stock Devi package. Sundari is standard-issue DSP material where he is keen on using the sitar. You & Me offers minor respite, […]

Pranaamam works as a simple, resonant and catchy pop-bhajan, in Shankar Mahadevan’s punchy vocals with clear diction. Rock on bro‘s rock/pop anthem ambitions are obvious and given Raghu Dixit’s excellent singing and a thumping rhythm, it makes the cut. With esoteric rhymes like Apple beauty and Newton gravity, Apple beauty is trademark Devi material – […]

‘He’s back to do something’, goes the title song, indicating how undecided Sardaar Gabbar Singh may be about his next steps; the flashy tune and Benny’s punchy vocals help, though. O pilla is staid DSP formula, but catchy enough, with that easy-on-the-ears rhythm. Tauba tauba owes a lot to Kalyanji-Anandji’s Lawaris number, Apni toh jaise […]

Follow follow hopefully is about following on Twitter and not real life stalking; the tune is simple and addictive, with Junior NTR doing a competent job singing it. Na manasu neeto‘s rhythms are typical Devi and dictate the tune; basic, but catchy. Don’t Stop works easily, thanks to the anthemic sound and Raghu Dixit’s punchy […]

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