Nam Duniya Nam Style (Music review), Kannada – Shaan Rahman

Tippu powers Take It Easy, a dancy track in his usual style; Shaan puts together an easy-on-the-ear package. Tippu and Vineeth Srinivasan are great together in the wonderfully rhythmic gaana-type song Sorry Please Thank You! Nalla nalla works up a charming retro-style tune with lovely use of violins and harmonium, while Shaan confidently croons Kanasige, more reminiscent of his Malayalam repertoire, complete with Rahman-style violins. Chooraadaaga is the only sour note – a staid pathos song with occasionally poor singing by Shaan that spoils even its better portions. Confident ┬áKannada debut by Shaan; good to Preetham Gubbi experimenting beyond Harikrishna.

Keywords: Shaan Rahman, Preetham Gubbi