Sunday November 27, 2011

Rajanna (Music review), Telugu – MM Keeravani

Posted by Karthik

Gijigadu is a superb showcase of Sanjeev Chimmalgi’s involved vocals and Keeravani gaaru’s simple, impactful and earthy tune. Raa ree and Goodu chediri koila carry a similar flavour – instantly endearing. Keeravani rocks with his fabulous vocals in Karakuraathi gundello, aided wonderfully by Kailash Kher! Lachuvamma and Chittiguvva involve folkish elements in an immensely catchy way. Amma avanee is painfully filmy and Vey vey too hams on filminess annoyingly. Of the shorter tracks, only Kaaligajja stands out, with Keeravani’s unique Andhra touch. Despite minor quibbles like this, Rajanna is a thematically apt and rich musical offering from the veteran composer.

Keywords: M M Keeravani, MM Keeravani, Nagarjuna, Rajanna



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