Pancharangi (Music review), Kannada – Mano Murthy

Sonu’s extremely mellifluous Udisuve (and the similarly-tuned Ninnaya, by Shreya) offers a tinge of sadness and Andean flute, while Arey re re pancharangi gets its catchy Latino sound perfectly! The interestingly structured Life ishtene espouses the don’t-care outlook in a curiously addictive package! Hudugaru beku is a typical Pritam-style song but does work thanks to lovely vocals by Shreya and its methodical rhythm. However, with its 3 Idiots-style overdose and free flow, Pancharangi haadugalu is the most disappointing. Pancharangi sees Manu Murthy exhausting his repertoire of pop’ish Latino tunes in full blast and, thankfully, it works pretty well this time!

Keywords: Yograj Bhat, Diganth, Nidhi Subbaiah, Mano Murthy