Athithi (Music review), Tamil – Bharadwaj

Shutter moodum nerathile, a sort of a gana, is woefully outmoded, with a bland hook to boot. Its Club mix is even more pointless. Solla solla ullamengum can hardly go wrong, being based on the magical Reetigowlai raaga that the director supposedly sought specifically – Bharadwaj’s imagination is apt and adds good value to the already beautiful template. Veteran L R Eswari gets an annoyingly silly tune in Jaipuril Jaipuril, while Ananthanarayanan-sung Oru vidai theriyamal recycles Bharadwaj’s own Amarkalam sound in an unimpressive new package. Composer Bharadwaj had his time, but now his music generally seems awkwardly out of place.

Keywords: Athithi, Bharadwaj