Saturday October 4, 2008

Music review: Lagi Lagan (Madhushree)

Posted by Karthik

Madhushree and her band, The Revivals’ debut album, Lagi Lagan is definitely interesting – repackaged thumris does seem a good idea when you listen to the sparkling Piya lagi, the very catchy Lagi lagi or the pleasant, filmy-styled, Manat nahi. The Santana’esque backgrounds in Jabse shyam sidhare and the sprightly orchestration of Barsan lagi too is pretty neat work! It’s only in the sluggish Babul mora and Aaye na balam’s godawful and jarring remix that the album falters. Madhushree’s husband Robby Badal brings in imaginative and trendy backgrounds to complement the singer’s lovely vocals and the package works quite well.

Keywords: Madhushree, Robby Badal, thumris repackaged, remix thumris



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