Friday October 14, 2016

Yaakkai (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Posted by Karthik

Neee is a superb melody that builds on the EDM sound really well. Yuvan’s singing leaves a LOT to be desired, but he makes up for it in other departments. His abysmal singing almost mauls Naan ini! It’s orchestrated brilliantly and is a tune that deserved a better singer to accompany Chinmayi. Ennulae has that inventive orchestration too, for its hymn-like tune and vocal chorus, though Tanvi sounds awkward. Vignesh ShivN and Dhanush continue their pursuit of a Literature Nobel and Grammy respectively in Solli tholaiyen, while Yuvan produces a catchy, sing-along’ish song. Short, likable soundtrack by a resurgent Yuvan.

Keywords: Yaakkai, Yuvan Shankar Raja

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  • Prasanna Ramachandran

    “Vignesh ShivN and Dhanush continue their pursuit of a Literature Nobel and Grammy respectively in Solli tholaiyen.”

    Umakku over kusumbu oye!

  • Chuttan

    It seems that Yuvan Shankar Raja is out of form since he has cnvrted to religion of piece, lol, his career seems to b grinded into pieces, not a gud thing, he shud revert back to his true religion or leave all religions, he shud also stay away from people who turned his brain towards cnvrsion, mayb his lost fortunes return after that, m truly disappointed when Yuvan Shankar Raja gets poor music reviews which he seems to b gettin since a long time now, let’s hope for the best!!

    • milliblog

      Hi. I had earlier requested, and then warned you to please not bring religion in this website’s comments section, and that this is not to curtail your freedom of expression, but to curtail it in this specific website (you are free to talk about any topic in any other place on the internet). You had agreed to it.

      Now that you start this again, I have no option but to ban you. I’m sure, like last time, you’d try to join again and post again, and all I can do is to spend time and ban all those user IDs too, as much is humanly possible by me. The message though is, your religion-laced comments are not wanted here.

  • Chuttan

    R u the same person who is on twitter as beastoftraal with a bald head in the profile pic, plz reply!!

    • milliblog


  • Chuttan

    I wonder where is this ae dil hai mushkil music album struck?!

  • Tamil Ularal

    Yuvan spoiled some of the good numbers with his voice..

    • Baskaran Ananthakrishnan

      his voice

      • Baskaran Ananthakrishnan

        his voice is good u tasteless bullshit there are many songs which were hit because of his voice

  • Noufal

    I don’t know if this might prove to be controversial but I think growing up listening to yuvans music hence a lot of his voice I think I have gotten used to it…. But the one that grates me is his father ,the great njagni who admittedly made music on a completely different level to anyone before or after him, but his voice left a lot to be desired…. Just imagine thendral vanthu sung by anyone with a competent voice…. But I know just as I am used to yuvan a whole generation is fine with ilayarajas voice…. Discovering a lot of his music now and his voice sticks out like a sore thumb…. And on top it all there was no technology for him to mask his voice like his son…. A penny for your thought….

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