Andari Banduvaya (Music review), Telugu – Anoop Rubens

Jigi bigi is entirely predictable, but sounds sweet enough, with catchy phrases, while the conversational Jaama chettuki is meant for the screen. Nandaamaya is a curious combination of a likeable tune and noisy backgrounds. Roju roju is fantastic – a curiously appealing tune, with matching orchestration, but Sooryudu aevarayya is terribly staid. The soundtrack’s spectacular highlight is Malle malle rammanee, straight out of Mickey J Meyer’s repertoire! Anoop’s whisper-style vocals and mild arrangements lend extraordinary grace to the short, ethereal tune. The duet version is a step below, but is still a great listen. Thank you for Malle malle, Anoop!

Keywords: Krishna Bhagavan, Naresh, Padma Priya, Sharwanand, Anoop Rubens

Note: I found that the film has already released and I wonder how I missed listening to this soundtrack by Anoop. But, thanks to Gopi Chand’s reco for this soundtrack, in one of the comments in Milliblog – I listened to it rather late, but I’m terribly happy discovering Malle malle!