Chak de India (Hindi, Salim Sulaiman)

Is the title song supposed to be a rousing anthem? The spinning rhythms and the prominent hook definitely help, but its a tad predictable for its ambitions. Hema Sardesai resurfaces in the middling Badal pe, which sounds like early Rock Machine! Despite the conversational tone, Ek hockey is solid fun while Anushka’s Bad bad girls is enjoyable too, in a 90s, pop’ish way. The composers tread their Dor path again with Maula mere, a very tuneful, S.D.Burman’esque track that works great thanks to Krishna and Salim’s vocals. Salim Sulaiman continue their innovatively original streak despite minor shortcomings here!

Keywords: Shimit Amit, Jaideep Saini, Shah Rukh Khan, Salim Merchant, Sulaiman, Vidya Malvade, Aditya Chopra