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Monday April 13, 2020 11:36

Tanishk Bagchi’s summer of discontent

Tanishk Bagchi has been getting some well-deserved hate for his atrocious recreation of A.R.Rahman’s Masakali, from Delhi 6. He did something equally terrible with A.R.Rahman’s Humma Humma earlier. Also, he has been shooting his mouth off with regard to ‘credits’, when he himself has gotten away with some recreations with no credit whatsoever, or with […]

Sunday March 29, 2020 10:43

Plucking the Genda Phool, twice!

Back in 2009, A.R.Rahman had a song called ‘Genda Phool’ in his iconic soundtrack for Delhi 6. The song was credited as “Courtesy: Raghubir Yadav” even in Delhi 6’s CD. From what I gather, the original song that goes, “Saas Gari Deve, Nanad Muhaan Leve, Devar Babu Mor… …Karaar Genda Phool” …was supposed to have […]

Sunday March 1, 2020 12:26

On remixes, A.R.Rahman and Tanishk Bagchi

Two perspectives, recently. A.R.Rahman has voiced his opinion against remixes and recreations. He specifically spoke about being really annoyed with the remix of ‘Ishwar Allah’. Tanishk Bagchi voiced his opinion that the composers who handle background scores in the films where he composes songs use his songs to create those background scores. And that this […]

Friday January 27, 2017 08:43

Ajaneesh Loknath’s hatrick is disturbing

This is both disappointing and depressing. Listen to: ‘Kaagadada Doniyalli’ from Kirik Party (music: Ajaneesh Loknath) and, The River, by The Bombay Royale Now, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that the Kannada song is ‘copied’, but there’s more to the thought than what hits the ear (meets the eye doesn’t seem appropriate). […]

(I had written this on Milliblog’s Facebook page and realized, by the 30+ mails I got, that they preferred it in the blog too, away from Facebook’s walled garden. Here it is, as a result, though you should perhaps head to the Facebook page post for comments on this piece, including those from Karki Bava). […]

Update: A note by Atul, via Facebook, in response to my post, appended at the end. First, the video that kickstarted these thoughts in my head. This video is interesting for multiple reasons. Let me list them all! 1. It is hosted by Madhav Das, ex-founder of Magnasound, the label that introduced international music to […]

Back in September this year, Kannada composer Gurukiran sued the producers of the Telugu film ‘Potugadu’ for using two songs from his film, Govindaya Namaha’ without his permission. Potugadu is the official (that is, rights sought and paid for) remake of Govindaya Namaha. The Times of India reported that Gurukiran was offered a tidy sum […]

Monday September 9, 2013 10:50

10 observations on Kochadaiiyaan teaser

The much-awaited teaser for Rajnikanth’s latest film, Kochadaiiyaan is out. Here are 10 observations from my side, to kickstart the debate around it. 1. There is special effects in a live action film and then there is animation. The quality of animation, going by this teaser, is massively disappointing. It is no different from the […]

Composer Shailendra Barve was mentioned on Milliblog only twice, so far. First, for his song, ‘Mera jahaan’, from Taare Zameen Par (yes, he composed one song from the film – I’m assuming this is Amole Gupte’s remnant before he exited the film unceremoniously – or, was shown the door by Aamir Khan, again, unceremoniously). And […]

Update: If you go by this tweet, the film is not lifted… is actually an official remake! Is that a first for Bhatts? No, this is not about music, but an interesting digression. Trust the Bhatts to lift plots repeatedly. I took one look at the trailer of Murder 3 and immediately remembered the Spanish […]

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