Tuesday January 8, 2013

Murder 3 plot ‘re-used’ from the Spanish film La Cara Oculta (The Hidden face)

Posted by Karthik

Update: If you go by this tweet, the film is not lifted… is actually an official remake! Is that a first for Bhatts?

No, this is not about music, but an interesting digression. Trust the Bhatts to lift plots repeatedly. I took one look at the trailer of Murder 3 and immediately remembered the Spanish film I saw mid-last year. La Cara Oculta (Hidden face) was a fairly good thriller, even though its trailer is one of the most stupid ones I have ever seen in my life – it is so full of spoilers!

The original had generous skin show and it is no wonder the Bhatts found it apt to lift in Hindi – and yes, they changed the profession of the lead guy… from music arranger to photographer. Is the bunker angle added in the Hindi version too? I don’t know, but the basic plot of similar – man’s girl friend is presumed missing – cops suspect him – he falls in love with another girl who comes and starts living in his mansion – finds odd things happening in the house. Where is the girl friend is the main plot point, besides many other interesting things that happen after we find out what happened to her!


Murder 3:

La Cara Oculta:



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