Friday July 27, 2018

Maradona (Music review), Malayalam – Sushin Shyam

Posted by Karthik

Sushin sings Varum‘s ethereal melody with the requisite calm, while Munna’s hang drum adds to the serenity. Ee Raavil takes on a similar sound; Nezer Ahamed—Varum’s guitarist—sings this one! That exotic instrumental interlude is haunting! Kaadhale‘s soundscape is incredible! Sruthy Sasidharan’s vocals accentuate the sound, while the backing vocals’ repeated chorus is delightful! In Aparaada Panka, Sushin’s rhythmic hip-hop featuring Fejo’s rap builds itself nicely to that anthemic hook. Nilapakshi, with 2 versions, while sounding perfectly good, seems less engaging, though. After a long dribble of sharing credit with other composers, Sushin scores a goal in his first full soundtrack!

Keywords: Maradona, Sushin Shyam

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