Music review: Amayakudu (Telugu – Manikanth Kadri)

Endukuraa brings back memories of Ilayaraja’s late 80s Tamil numbers that espouse the virtues of alcohol partly because of that laid back rhythm, while Ye nimishamlo, a middling melody, sounds straight out of Manikanth Kadri’s Kannada repertoire. Ippude kannagonna is Karthik’s show all the way – a brilliantly pleasing tune sung fabulously. Anitha’s Thee thee thee is high on exotic sounds but sadly recycles its rhythm from countless other songs. Kalaga kariginadha is soaked in pathos and barring Benny’s expressive vocals, there’s nothing much to talk about. A functional soundtrack from the composer who is tremendously improving with each film!

Keywords: Krishnudu, Ananya, Manikanth Kadri, Amayakudu