Tuesday November 29, 2016

Kootathil Oruthan (Music review), Tamil – Nivas K Prasanna

Posted by Karthik

SP Balasubrahmanyam sounding like his 80s/90s self in Enda ippadi is reason enough to love the song! Nivas adds a lot more – the tune has a nice repetitive ring, besides the nadaswaram layer, the occasional kuthu rhythm and catchy rap by Emcee Gonsales! The song’s pathos variant Or naal kaadhal is an awkward listen, though the instrumental spin-off, The One is mighty inventive! The ethereal melody in Nee indri evokes distant memories of Ilayaraja’s Hey Ram classic, Nee paartha! It’s similarly evocative, with excellent singing by MM Manasi, and a beautifully restrained orchestration by Nivas. Innum enna solla is solid fun! A simple, lively tune, remarkably sung by Haricharan, gets infinitely more interesting thanks to the assortment of sounds Nivas infuses – a short captivating Muslim-style sound, a constant strings layer and a horns section atop kuthu… all working in perfect sync! Maatrangal ondre thaan too is on similar lines! Nivas leads it himself, aiming for an anthemic and hummable sound with a catchy ‘Don’t worry be happy’ hook. Nivas transforms the same melody into a stunningly beautiful instrumental piece in the cleverly titled The Happiness of Pursuit! Thegidi, Zero and now Kootathil Oruthan… Nivas is on a roll!

Keywords: Nivas K Prasanna, Kootathil Oruthan, 200, #200

PS: Yes, I’m aware of the fact that Nivas scored music for Sethupathi too.

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