Sunday November 26, 2017

Mental Madhilo (Music review), Telugu – Prashanth R Vihari

Posted by Karthik

Edhola‘s sprightly tune, led by Revanth, mixes effortlessly with the semi-classical piece by Ranjani Sivakumar. Oohale‘s sparse instrumentation lets Shaktisree’s captivating voice do the work with the melody. Bagundayya chandram, Chelliyo chellako and Gummadikaya halwa, despite their likeable tunes, meander in too many directions and appear less interesting. Nikitha Gandhi’s Malik tere is too commonplace as a generic sufi-style song. Manavyalakinchara has nothing to do with Thayagaraja’s original, but is still an interesting fusion that sees Pradeep Kumar do his magic with his involving vocals! Prashanth R Vihari, who showed promise in Velipomakey, occasionally follows up on that here too.

Keywords: Mental Madhilo, Prashanth R Vihari

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