Raja Mandhiri (Music review), Tamil – Justin Prabhakaran

Chinna Ponnu leads Justin’s joyous musical outburst amidst a happily noisy children’s chorus in Bam bam. Snegidhiyae seems like gorgeous Hamsadhwani, though the orchestration is evocative of Raja’s Nalinakanthi-infused Enthan nenjil – beautiful combination! Leguvaa has a LOT more Raja: the melody, the strings… and it even invokes ‘Isaignani’ in the lyrics! Ravichandran rocks the obviously-retro—complete with faux-violin interludes—Ethithu veetu kaliflowere, loaded with old Tamil film titles and a gently lilting fun tune. The retro feel continues in Kootatha kooti, with Anthony Daasan and Reetha headlining the therukkoothu style melody. Justin’s brand of earthy, immersive tunes continues to be endearing.

Keywords: Raja Mandhiri, Justin Prabhakaran

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