Baaghi (Music review), Hindi – Meet Bros, Ankit Tiwari, Amaal Mallik and Manj Musik

Ankit Tiwari channels his inner Coldplay in Agar tu hota, singing it competently. Amaal Mallik’s Sab tera has a familiar melody that does check-box style Bollywood pleasantness; Shraddha’s vocals are pretty good! Meet Bros’ Girl I Need You has interesting vocals by Roach Killa, though the rest led by Arijit is less engaging. Meet Bros’ other, Cham cham, has faux-Kerala in the background and the Pari hoon main-style rhythm and catchy tune helps perk things up. The soundtrack’s best is Manj Musik’s Let’s Talk About Love, with a flashy, addictive Pancham swagger. This rebel meekly submits to familiar musical templates.

Keywords: Baaghi 2016, Meet Bros, Ankit Tiwari, Amaal Mallik, Manj Musik

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