Sunday January 3, 2016

Aranmanai 2 (Music review), Tamil – Hiphop Tamizha

Posted by Karthik

Party with the pei starts off with cleverly using dialogs from Chandramukhi and settles into a droning tune. Maya maya is straight out of Rahman’s 2 decade old faux-village sound, and only Kailash Kher’s Tamil diction stands out. Poraada poraada is more of the duo’s stock sounds, generously aided by autotune to round off Adhi’s vocals, but in Kuchi mittai, with Anthony Daasan’s vocals, they get it right, with a rollicking tune and rhythm combo. The Amman song is a background’ish mish-mash, while the theme is a decent listen. The ghostly theme seems to have stumped the duo, this time.

keywords: Aranmanai 2, Hiphop Tamizha

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