Saala Khadoos (Music review), Hindi – Santhosh Narayanan

The instantly sing-along’ish title song comes alive in Vishal Dadlani’s angst’y vocals. In Jhalli pataka, Santhosh craftily mixes foot-tapping kuthu rhythms with a very blues’y tune and Sunidhi makes the odd combo work beautifully! Dil ye ladaku is Santhosh’s trademark sound, with a brilliant profusion of violins to help Monali’s tantalizing vocals. Jagaa khunnas is pulsating, rousing rock featuring Vishal Dadlani and Vijay Narayan, with nifty, catchy vocalization. Kalyani Nair’s Hindi has a freshly-learnt quality in Dhuaan, but Santhosh’s sweeping, poignant tune makes it easily work. Santhosh’s Hindi debut doesn’t break new ground like in Tamil, but it’s immensely listenable.

Note: The Tamil version of this soundtrack, for the film titled Irudhi Sutru, is identical to the Hindi soundtrack. But the level of detailing in differentiating this one from the Tamil version is pretty amazing. A separate review doesn’t make sense, but I do have some points to add with regard to Irudhi Sutru.

Saala khadoos and Poda poda: The Ooo chorus starts off even before Vishal starts singing, unlike in Tamil where it appears for the first time only when the first Poda poda is uttered by Pradeep. The Hindi version, also the title song, unlike the Tamil equivalent, is also decidedly more angsty in Vishal’s vocals than Pradeep’s I-am-free tone. Also missing in Hindi is the kind of pumped up sound that backs the first Saala khadoos uttering, and this is something that lifts the Tamil Poda poda beautifully.

Dhuaan hai and Usuru narambula nee: In Dhuaan hai, Kalyani Nair seems a bit handicapped by her freshly learnt quality of Hindi, but Dhee Venka is in stupendous form in the Tamil version of the highly engaging and pensive melody.

Jhalli pataka and Vaa machaney: The most dramatic difference is in Vaa machaney, what was a song from the girl’s point of view, singing about herself in Hindi, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. In Tamil, the lyrics portray the female point of view too (Vaa machaney!), but is sung by Sean Roldan, who does a splendid job, as always.

Jagaa khunnas and Maya visai: Maya visai matches perfectly with its Hindi counterpart, Jagaa khunnas and the only interesting observation is the word ‘khunnas’ that seems more impactful compared to ‘maaya visai’ (invisible lever/switch)!

Dil ye ladaku and Ei sandakkaaraa: Ditto with Ei sandakkara, where the choice of singer makes perfect sense and big difference between this and the Hindi version, Dil ye ladaku. Monali Thakur’s version, lyrically, teases and tantalizes, articulating the girl’s perspective, while Dhee’s Tamil version seems more assertive where she calls the shots!

PS: This may be the oddest 200 on Milliblog yet. Yes, bumping it to a 200 as a combined, 2-language, 10-song compilation. As a combo, it flows so smootly and is darn good!

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