Tuesday September 2, 2014

Vanmam (Music review), Tamil – Thaman

Posted by Karthik

As Maname starts, it only creates an anticipation that the singers, Suchith Suresan and AV Pooja will break into ‘Dil se re’ at any time, since the background seems like its replica! Aetti enga pora starts uncannily like another Rahman song, Thaniye, from Rhythm. Thankfully, it changes track soon enough and holds a lovely, slow melody fabulously sung by Nivas and Manasi! Paadatta is dignified and mild kuthu, well orchestrated and well sung by Velmurugan and Hariharasudhan. Raasa raasa is Thaman’s templatized Telugu-style material, merely repurposed for Tamil. But for occasional inventiveness, this familiar, predictable output from Thaman is distressing.

Keywords: Thaman, Vanman



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