Music review: Nenu Meeku Telusa (Telugu, OST)

Kannu theristhe is one-dimensional with limited appeal, while the Premji – Harini duet, Yenno, is full of rap intrusions and a zany tune that goes haywire. Sriram Parthasarathy’s Emaindo gaani is considerably better, despite some disjoint rhythm that tries to overshadow the tune. Hemachandra’s Enduko madi is lovely, with a gradual melodic build-up and progresses to add Bombay Jayashree’s somewhat unimpressive vocals. Ilayaraja’s Ilamai Oonjalaadukiradhu hit Thanni karuthiruchu’s remix is completely undone by Silambarasan’s insipid vocals. Achu reserves the best track for himself – the groovy, hiphop’ish Cheppaka thappaduga! Achu’s debut, despite the so-called A R Rahman pedigree, is largely unimpressive.

Keywords: Manchu Manoj Kumar, Sneha Ullal, Riya Sen, Achu