Thursday December 13, 2012

Alex Pandiyan (Music review), Tamil – Devi Sri Prasad

Posted by Karthik

Onnam class and Bad boy are extremely standard DSP templates – high-on-energy, foot-tapping rhythms, tunes that merely limp along the dominating sound and a repetitive hook. Thaka thayya‘s combination of thavil/urumi melam sound and heart-warming lyrics harping on relationships is a surprisingly effective listen! Nalu pakkam has DSP shouting to his heart’s content, but in an intriguingly localized Bond’ish tune, while Rayya rayya is passable fun with mighty enthusiastic vocals by Javed Ali and particularly Ranina Reddy. Alex Pandiyan offers nothing new and sounds almost like DSP was given a pointed instruction – compose with your feet, for the listeners’ feet.

Keywords: Karthi, Alex Pandiyan, Devi Sri Prasad



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