Sanchari (Music review), Kannada – AP Arjun

Galiye nodu baa touches beautifully on Darbari Kanada and along with Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal’s brilliant vocals, this is a brilliant track. More Sonu goodness happens in Bhoomi suttodu, where Chitra pitches in, for a lovely, very tuneful melody. Kannasaneyali, despite that Ismail Darbar-like orchestration and raaga usage, has a blasé indifference to it. KK and Anuradha Bhatt’s Marethoda maatide is breezy and is just the right track to woo the girl! Kamali is that mandatory item song, but thank to Arjun’s carefully chosen set of sounds, this one is reasonably catchy! Composer Arjun is getting even more promising!

Keywords: Nagaraj, Biyanka Desai, AP Arjun