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Milliblog Weeklies, Week 147 – Mar.28, 2021

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Milliblog Weeklies – India’s only multilingual, weekly new music playlist.
Week 147: On Spotify | On YouTube
13 songs this week. YouTube has all 13, while Spotify is missing Ilayaraja’s Tamil song from Marutha (looks like he has restricted access only to his own label and YouTube channel) and Heeriye, by Subhadeep Mitra for JAM8.

Ishq Namazaa – The Big Bull (Gourov Dasgupta) – Hindi: It may be unrealistic to expect Harshad Mehta to sing duets with his wife, but this is a Bollywood film, and if the promos/script demands a duet, then so be it 🙂 Gourov’s melody is very pleasant, though simplistic, and built around the ‘Ishq namaazaa’ hook. Ankit Tiwari’s voice adds much to the song’s charm.

Main Aaj Bhi Wahin – Papon (Hindi/Indipop): A moody, reflective song by Papon with the melody complementing the psychedelic video (that Papon created with some Instagram filters!). His voice remains the song’s main draw even as the tune gets progressively more interesting.

Kanaa – Nucleya, 2jaym & Sublahshini (Tamil/Indipop): 2Jaym and Sublahshini were selected by Nucleya in January this year, as part of Bacardi Sessions, where the two would be mentored by Nucleya as they produce their new single. The result is Kanaa, a dreamy EDM track that has Nucleya’s stamp, particularly as it ends. Sublahshini’s singing, in particular, deserves a special mention.

Kaathadi – Anand Kasinath (Tamil/Indipop): It’s entirely coincidental that this is the second song by singer Sublahshini this week! Anand Kashinath’s music is lively and catchy, in a Tamil cinema’ish way, and it is to the director’s and the lyricist’s (Sublahshini herself) credit that they frame the song from the girl’s point of view, longing for the guy, a reasonably limited expression in Tamil Nadu.

Maruthamalli – Marutha (Ilayaraja) – Tamil: A few years ago, this song would have been composed exactly as-is featuring Pavatharini’s voice. Today, it is led by Vibhavari (and Jithin). The tune, melody, sound… everything is demonstrative of Raja’s present-day music-making style that is patchy, at best – this is less of a complaint or a rant and more of my own acceptance that people’s style evolves, for good or bad, from individual perspectives (Rahman seems to be in the same boat too, incidentally). Compared to the other song (by Sid Sriram, no less), this one at least has a tune that harks back to the better days of Raja.

Entha Entha Choosinaa – Gamanam (Ilayaraja) – Telugu: What a surprise and coincidence – two new songs from Ilayaraja, across Tamil and Telugu, in the same week, and both sung by Vibhavari! Raja seems to be reserving his better material to Telugu, and this song is a much, much stronger whiff of his best days from the past. Surprisingly enough, in the first interlude, I heard something that I could identify with Sandeep Chowta’s music, in that short bridge before Vibhavari starts the anupallavi!

Rangule – Rang De (Devi Sri Prasad) – Telugu: This soundtrack already has some fantastic music (Naa Kanulu Yepudu and Emito Idhi). While some of the other songs did not work for me, DSP easily has a 3rd winner in Rangule. Shweta Mohan is absolutely spectacular given that this is all the way her show – a solo that she carries beautifully.

Evo Evo Kalale – Lovestory (Pawan Ch) – Telugu: Pawan starts the song on a soft, melodious note and when he switches tracks to a punchy hook by dropping the beat in the background around ‘Ram pam tararampam’, the contrast works wonderfully. Jonita Gandhi and Nakul Abhyankar are in great form, and Pawan’s rhythmic music takes on a new dimension as the song progresses.

Milon Hobey Koto Diney – Shubham Shirule for JAM8 (Bangla/Indipop): Pritam’s JAM8 is on a recent Bangla pop spree, it looks like – I noticed at least 3-4 songs. This one, recreated from the original folk tune by Shubham Shirule, features lyrics by Lalon Fakir, has a wonderfully earthy Baul melody, but where it truly comes alive is in Goutam Das Baul and Shashwati Phukan’s singing, and Shubham’s lively techno musical additions. The bridge between folk tune and more modern music works beautifully.

Heeriye – Subhadeep Mitra for JAM8 (Bangla/Indipop): This is the 2nd Bangla song by JAM8 that worked for me in the recent lot. Unlike Shubham’s song, Subhadeep’s tune could have easily been in a Pritam film or even a mainstream Hindi film, without necessarily having any Bangla-centric element beyond the language in which it is composed and sung. But, not to take anything away from the song, it is still a good listen, and very well sung by Subhashree Das and Arnab Dutta.

Motoliya 2.0 & Xuronjona – Sannidhya Bhuyan (+ Aarxslan, Tonmoy Krypton) – Axomiya/Indipop: I discovered Sannidhya’s music by chance, with Motoliya 2.0, and figured out that it is in some way connected to Motoliya that he released in July 2020. Given my complete ignorance of the language and his body of music, I don’t know how the two songs are connected, but I really liked the slightly more pacy new song that musically seems to have some phrases from the older song. Sannidhya’s voice and singing is phenomenal… enough for me to go on a trip of his other songs. The other song from his repertoire that instantly worked for me was Xuronjona, from March 2020. This song showcases Sannidhya’s vocal prowess in full splendor and the tune is enchanting too. I do not understand a word being sung but the language sounds incredibly beautiful!

Milli-1 – Raf-Saperra (Desi Frenzy) – Punjabi/Indipop: A heady, ebullient, very-Punjabi song that has a catchy hook that seemed to me like the one from Mundian To Bach Ke (Panjabi MC, Jay Z) but with the pitch mildly tweaked!



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