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Nan Tumba Hosaba Bossu is a standard-issue hero-worship song that promises that the lead man mixes ‘mass-u’ and ‘class-u’. It eventually moves to idol worshipping Vishnuvardhan, though! Ajaneesh’s music is racy, but the whole package is utterly predictable. Choor Choor, sung by Ajaneesh himself, is no different. A manic kuthu that checks all the necessary […]

Vasuki Vaibhav composes and sings Arere Avala Naguva, a lively rock number with noticeably good guitar work by Karthik Chennoji Rao and sax by Nathan. The tune is thoroughly engaging and so is the backing choir (Rohith Bhat, Narayan Sharma, Shwetha Devanahalli and Esha Suchi). Vasuki is equally good in the hilarious Dadda Song, with […]

In Sanjith Hegde’s dreamy voice, the waltz’y Shaakuntle Sikkalu sounds delightful, with a soft lilt that is immediately addictive. Supriya Lohith does the honors for Kannu Kannu, a saccharine-sweet melody that evokes pleasant memories of A R Rahman’s Kissa Hum Likhenge, from Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. Ele Vayasina is decidedly more energetic than the earlier […]

Daariya Kaledukondide is such a well-rounded, melodious package! Leon de Souza opens it beautifully, with his poised singing, even as Inchara Rao joins him in the anupallavi to offer a new flavor to the song. Sumesh Parameswar’s guitars easily stand out in the serene song, and the pitch changes in the anupallavi are especially fantastic! […]

In Yella Halli Love Story, Vijay Prakash, the adept singer he already is, adds an affecting edge in his voice, while also playing around with falsettos and some fantastic free-form vocalizing in the interlude! Arjun’s music is an enjoyable mix of soul, searing electric guitars, a dollop of jazz and most interestingly, tabla! It all […]

Monday February 5, 2018 19:10

Gultoo (Music review), Kannada – Amit Anand

Saalaagi‘s sweeping melody seems perfect for Saindhavi’s range, and the frenetic breakbeats lift the song to a new high! Amit’s vocals don’t help the song’s reprise Kaanada preethi, but the tune’s instrumental extension is pretty good! Neenondu ashcharya could have easily come from Judah Sandhy’s mind! Lovely melody and excellent orchestration as well! VTU We […]

Sunday January 7, 2018 18:34

Tagaru (Music review), Kannada – Charan Raj

‘Folk Marley’ Anthony Daasan’s spirited rendition lifts Tagaru banthu tagaru as much as Charan’s highly infectious sound that effortlessly descends into pulsating kuthu at times. Mental ho jawa is a curiously interesting concoction! Charan blends a lot of things into a heady mix – Ananya Bhat’s Mental ho jawa hook, a semi-classical or faux-classical anupallavi […]

Tuesday December 5, 2017 18:53

Chamak (Music review), Kannada – Judah Sandhy

In Kush kush, Judah’s electronic mix is incredibly cool, with an addictive, sedate lilt. Sanjith Hegde, sounding a bit like Sid Sriram, is terrific! Judah also adds in Indian sounds for Deeksha Ramakrishna’s entry and this adds to the song’s allure. Nee nanna olavu is no different! Judah pulls off a lush, thoroughly engaging melody, […]

There’s a lot of grungy posturing and angry mantra chanting in the title song, and as a kuthu-laden package, it actually works! 1234 shille hodi goes whole hog on the kuthu sound and comes out pretty well too. Magariya has an easy vibe, like a Vijay Antony song on a good day. Vijay Prakash’s dependable […]

Marali marali offers Arjun’s usual arsenal of fusing desi elements like thavil and violins to a funky college song with a catchy ‘College kumara’ chorus. Naavu last bench too extends the sound, riffing off the iconic ‘We will rock you’ and adding a layer of Kerala folk percussion for added effect. Hasi bisi is lovely! […]

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