North 24 Kaatham (Music review), Malayalam – Govind Menon & Rex Vijayan

Rex Vijayan’s very-reggae Thanaro is instantly catchy, with great support from Sreenath Bhasi’s vocals; Rex plays beautifully with the guitar and the chorus. Govind Menon of Thaikkudam Bridge opens his part with the energetic Harthal Punk, making good use of electric guitar in the fragmented tune, while Raghu Dixit, making his Malayalam debut, gels wonderfully with Bijibal in the pulsating Porumo. Tharangal‘s celtic-rock mix is handled well by Siddharth Menon and Jeba Niyaz on the vocals. Pontharam‘s psychedelic disco sound closes the album on a high, with funky singing by Christin, Leah, Siddharth and Govind. Confident film debut by Govind!

Keywords: Govind Menon, Rex Vijayan, Thaikkudam Bridge