Music review: Aarya 2 (Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad)

Baba Sehgal and the slow, rhythmic arrangements of Mr. Perfect are enticing, but both get boring very soon. Uppenantha has KK trying his best to salvage a predictable-at-every-turn tune, while Baby he loves you is too tame to even comment. Ringa ringa is foot-tapping, with what one expects from a made-for-front-bencher item number and Kunal Ganjawala adds extra feeling to do what he can to yet another supposed-soulful Karige loga. The techno sound in My love is gone is so last year. It could be massive expectations…what else could explain the dud that Devi Sri Prasad produces for Aarya 2?

Keywords: Allu Arjun, Navadeep, Kajal Agarwal, Shraddha Das, Devi Sri Prasad