Kolumittayi (Music review), Malayalam – Sreeraj Sahajan

Sreeraj seems to be exploring Saranga/Hamirkalyani raaga in Minni chinnum that he himself sings confidently. The orchestration has a strong Rahman-touch, particularly Love Birds’ Malargale malargale. Sreya Jayadeep’s sweet voice is barely able to rescue the corny package in Pammi pammi, but Puthiyoru sooryan, with its heady fusion chenda-sound fares considerably better. The soundtrack’s most interesting is Ororo kunjichodum with Sreeraj attempting a grand sound with very interesting shades and sounds, including a Western classical interlude, and sung competently by Vaisakh C. Madhav, Vaisakh PK and Sreeraj himself. Amrita TV Super Star 2014 winner Sreeraj Sahajan’s debut is definitely promising.

Keywords: Sreeraj K. Sahajan, Sreeraj Sahajan, Kolumittayi

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