Music review: Ariyaan (Tamil – Vikram Varman)

Kadavul paarpadhillai’s Yuvan-like influences do very little to help the song – it’s still rough around the edges, while Mazhaiya nee is an equally amateurish kuthu number. Nee irukkum is where the massive Harris Jeyaraj influence starts – this one’s average, but the last 2 compositions thankfully make the cut, again with a pronounced Harris Jeyaraj inspiration; Kaagidham kaatril’s has a hummable melody, is orchestrated well, and is sung beautifully by Harish Raghavendra and Mahati, while Chinmayi’s whisper-style singing adds a fabulous dimension to Vizhiyai vizhiyai. Debutant composer Vikram Varman shows promise in at least 2 tracks in Ariyaan’s soundtrack.

Keywords: Vikram Varman, Aariyaan