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Kaala (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

Seema Weightu extends Veera Thurandhara, with a similar Ilayarajaesque swag, but adding some Mumbaiya mix too, along with Dopeadelicz and Arunraja Kamaraj’s rap. Katravai Patravai is the soul-twin of Neruppu Da, Keba’s electric guitar replacing Jhanu Chantar’s. Instead of Neruppa Da’s searing appeal, when Yogi B roars,
“Unnayum maNNayum vendru vaa Thee
(Thee)raatha or thevaiyai kondu vaa Noo
(Noo)raayiram aandugal pothume On
(On)draagave maaruvaai seeruvai”
, he splits the first word in each line to create an unusual, ThirukkuraL-style appeal! Kannamma completes the Kabali-Kaala extensions troika, continuing Vaanam paarthen, again with Pradeep leading the vocals and Vishnu Vijay’s flute! This one goes beyond, with Dhee joining in, and Ananthu’s very-Raja’ish backing vocals that even forms a lovely Acapella version. Thanga sela and Urimayai meetpom have rhythmic qawali+gaana mix; the former is light-hearted, with Shankar Mahadevan’s stupendous lead vocals, while the latter uses Vijayprakash and Ananthu to make a punchy ‘Nilame enga urimai’ claim. Of the 3 songs by Dopeadelicz and Logan, Poraduvom and Theruvilakku offer punchy rap, with the latter also mixing gaana to good effect. Nikkal is an effortless gaana+kuthu floor-stomper, with the memorable ‘Kelambu kelambu’ callout! Santhosh reframes the Rajini-soundtrack paradigm yet again, sticking to his successful Kabali template.

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  • Sri Prabhuram

    #200 word counter (of 2018 so far):
    Hindi: 2
    Tamil: 2
    Kannada: 1

    • Karthic Sivaswamy

      Add the movie names as well pls..

  • Sri Prabhuram

    Kabali and now, Kaala. Santhosh-Rajini-Pa. Ranjith are being a deadly combo right now.

  • Kumar

    Vera level album with dialogue’sh songs. Need to see how it works in film.

  • Sriram T

    Probably most underwhelming, unconventional Rajni album (post Raja). And Thanga sela is a bad remake of ye suzhali…

  • rajesh vijayaraghavan

    Complete Cacophony…. Horrible music for a Rajini movie.

  • Alex R

    It’s very odd for a rajini soundtrack, and I can understand why there’s comments on how disappointing it is. But there is a certain magic in the simplicity, perhaps it would be shown better in the film

  • rnjbond

    Does Santhosh do anything clever with the Hindi version of the soundtrack like he did with Kabali?

  • KB

    The billion-dollar-question is HOW LONG will such awful mix-and-match songs will last! How many remember Kabali songs now? All these are OVER-rated and DISPOSABLE kind of songs. Even those that listen to it with whistles will use and throw them like tissue paper. Truth. At least good composers like Ghibran, Arrol Correlli are somewhat praise-worthy and review-worthy.

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