Mehbooba (Music review), Telugu – Sandeep Chowta

Oh Priya‘s minimal pallavi is interesting, consisting of ‘Oh Priya Na Priya’ and ‘Mehbooba’; the rest of the song too has a slow, somber appeal. Naa pranam‘s sweeping melody is Varijashree’s show; she’s fantastic with her involved vocals. Ambika Jois beautifully handles the catchy Saiyaan, with fantastic guitar work in the anupallavi and smoothly blends in a sufi soundscape. Pichi pichi‘s lively, Rahman’ish lilt gets a fillip from Paroma Dasgupta’s vocals. Soul of Mehbooba offers a lovely mix of Deepak Pandit’s violin and Alwyn Fernandes’s guitar, while Aa bhi jaa closes the soundtrack on a serene note. Welcome back, Sandeep!

Keywords: Mehbooba, Sandeep Chowta

PS: Sandeep’s last release was way back in 2013 – Matters of the Heart – that got a #300 here, on Milliblog!

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