Sunday August 20, 2017

En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom (Music review), Tamil – Ishaan Dev

Posted by Karthik

Iravil varukira is Shreya’s show… almost all the way! She’s impeccable, as expected, but ‘almost’ because Ishaan, interestingly, throws in so many things into it – exquisite orchestration (particularly that second interlude!), a sweeping tune that demands your attention given its complex path, and a jaunty rhythm reminiscent of 80s Bollywood! In comparison, Ishaan’s vocals in the other version seem labored. Abimaaniye pulls off what can be termed as a Tamil film song’s equivalent of a musical deus ex machina! The song starts with Priyanka’s dreamy, serene melody and then suddenly, led by Ishaan’s vocals, transforms into a bewilderingly manic thara-local kuthu forcing you to fold your tongue inwards and start dancing helplessly! Simbu does a thesis-level explanation of the titular missing slipper in the title song, but Ishaan’s melody, with what seems like a lovely smattering of Hamsadhwani raaga keeps it highly enjoyable despite the utterly corny lyrical premise. RJ Love Guru opens Ayyo ayyo theri ponnuda with his mock weather update when Anthony Daasan takes over with a gaana style melody with a gentle and captivating lilt! Like Abimaaniye, this song gets punctuated with a brief, frenetic rap, mid-way! Ishaan Dev makes a very promising Tamil composing debut!

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