Paisa Vasool (Music review), Telugu – Anup Rubens

The title song—with the mandatory inclusion of ‘Tsunami’—has Daler Mehndi headlining the exuberant faux-Punjabi template. In Mama ek peg la, Balakrishna raps his way to seeking that elusive peg set to a raucous sound. Anup fashions Padhamari as a modern-day faux-qawali and getting Mano to lead it is an excellent decision, given the man runs riot all over the song, with fantastic support from Geetha Madhuri. Theda Singh is a standard-issue title song, but Kannu kannu kalisai closes the soundtrack on a surprisingly beautiful Charukesi note, while also layering it with a lively rhythm! Anup’s music perfectly matches Balakrishna’s shenanigans!

Keywords: Paisa Vasool, Anup Rubens

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