Sunday June 11, 2017

Aarudugula Bullet (Music review), Telugu – Mani Sharma

Posted by Karthik

Columbus, despite the mindlessly silly lyrics, keeps the catchy outlook intact all through, with Narendra and Chaitra leading the vocals perfectly. Mani Sharma’s sense of instrumentation—an exotic mix, moreso in the interludes—makes it particularly likeable. Sanasannagaa is that typical Mani Sharma melody that starts with a whispery opener and soars alongside electric guitar at places, while keeping the proceedings largely enjoyable. In Boost pilla, things go South, rhyming Mackenna’s (Gold) with Bikinis, on a pointlessly rhythmic tune. Chinnappudeppduo is the mandatory Andhra folk-mix; lovely interludes, but dated everything else. Aarudugula Bullet is a blot on the recently resurgent Mani Sharma.

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  • Bruce Wayne

    Apparently this movie was in development for many years and faced lot of hurdles; it is said these songs were composed in the earlier part of this decade, and it does appear to be the case.

    Perhaps you could take a look at Mani Sharma’s recent album Ami Tumi, which has only 3 songs in total (and one of the three being a club-mix of another)? One is a good melody and other is a decent fusion with rock instrumentation.

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