Sunday June 11, 2017

DJ (Music review), Telugu – Devi Sri Prasad

Posted by Karthik

From Keba’s racy electric guitar, DSP moves to a corny cornucopia of Ganesh chanting and folk rhythm in DJ, a background’ish mish-mash. Gudilo badilo is heady masala mix! Incredibly catchy, fabulously sung by MLR Karthikeyan and Chitra, with clever touches by DSP, with interludes featuring Kalyan’s konnakol and Saroja’s dilruba. In Mechuko, Nakash Aziz tries infusing bravado into an otherwise predictable kuthu. Seeti maar is no better, invoking Alisha’s De de dil, with Jaspreet Jasz and Rita crooning their guts out. Box baddhalai poye is more of DSP re-use, to no effect. Barring Gudilo badilo, rest of DJ no no.

Keywords: DJ, DJ – Duvvada Jagannadham, Devi Sri Prasad, DSP

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